Sunday, July 11, 2010

Non Performing Knowledge Assets (NPKAs)

I came with this word/ idea after spending sometime as an entrepreneur and reflecting on my life post & prior being an entrepreneur. As a similar term might be familiar to people from finance background what we call NPAs (non performing assets). It means 'an asset' which is sub standard or doubtful or loss making.

In today's scenario what we have been seeing in education reflects the same. What most of us study becomes useless in due course of time. During our work we use less than 10% of what we have learnt. Companies like Google who have been unknowingly able to reduce the NPKAs have surpassed performances of many companies who came before. Doing something on one's own or following ones dreams gives ability to reduce these NPKAs. As a society we should promote adventure nature in today's youth with proper guidance. Creativity is the buzzword now but little people associate it with the ability/ opportunity to utilize one's potential to the fullest. Hope we are able to see things in wholistic perspective and increase the horizon of our thinking. 

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