Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things less talked

Many of us are great admirers of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, Dr. Ambedkar, Abraham Lincon etc. When it will come to follow their paths many people might say "have you gone crazy that I would like to go through the same path they did?. It is not possible for me!"

Similarly most of the cases we always try to show the bright side of the life of any well known person which creates skewed perspective of life! The younger generation tries to copy and when they fall short of their targets they realize it was just a mirage and he/she wasn't given any balance perspective of the person. In case of Jesus also there are lots of controversies and now after so many child abuse cases surfacing around the globe in Western countries people have become disillusioned with the concept of church, its notion of opaqueness, notion of god as the supreme and his decisions about the human actions. People in time of need long to get support of god and all they are asked to do is to 'have faith'. Don't we think that it is ultimately the karma of that specific person, may be channelize through god via faith, which gets him/ her out of the situation of misery? In case of Mahatma Gandhi many people idolize him but don't recognize several instances of sexual misconduct which were brought into notice by recent articles

The notion of sexual freedom in our western countries has been more abused rather than responsibly utilized. Asian countries are following the example more rapidly than expected. Recently when an Iranian cleric announced that the earthquakes are caused by women overexposing their boobs to the surprise of many several women went in public that such thing doesn't happen by exposing their boobs and creating even a facebook group. Why have we become so mindless to pay attention at such events and even trying to create a media hype about it? As I had mentioned in my previous article most of the drug uses, sexual activeness is caused by 'mindless reactions'. Somehow I feel that many from the younger generation have weakened their self control to such an extent that they are unable to cope up with real life situations. One example which I may cite from recent news in India where 1) Two dutch girls where raped but later there was evidence that the two dutch girls enjoyed the company of the young Kashmiris (having photographs with kissing scenes) and even one of the victim told there was nothing like rape happened. 2) A Brazilian girl was raped twice by her landlord in Noida. Even though I was ashamed yet all this put the question in readers' mind about 'the truth' & 'the trust'!! Were the two girls as victim so weak that they couldn't not approach the police or why did the Brazilian girl didn't approach the police at the first instance? Our western countries' girls are portrayed as immoral & without character (through movies, media, pornographic material, real life instances etc.) so everybody tries to take a shot at them in Asian countries. They are exposed to undue attention. There are several instances which can be cited from colleagues' observations in Italy, Germany and a no. of other places. Recently when I had an interaction with a well learned guy who has traveled widely (an Indian) and owns a no. of companies didn't appreciate the mindless sexual drive of our western peers more so in the light of recent child pornographic cases surfacing in Eurpe, Australia & US (Why are we playing with the innocence of children?). A professor at IIM Ahmedabad, globe trotter and well respected in economics field, had warned almost a year ago to be beware of European girls. Still I feel that there are good things about Europe/ US, in terms of human relations, which must be brought out to show the world that all is not lost. My faith has strong basis through interactions with a no. of families & kids in Europe who I feel are as much Indian & value emotions as I might do.

In my view the notion of freedom and individualism which we so fiercely try to protect around the globe is a big farce! As a popular saying goes "no man or woman is an island" and most of the learning which we have is from our surroundings and the people around us. Be it Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or any well known entity each were part of a society, dependent on it and also recognized it! It's time for our generation and even the older generation to think and use our minds rather than mindlessly following what the neighbor might be doing or the peers might be doing.

It puts a no. of questions in our minds about 

1. Our way of living
2. Parenting
3. Education system
4. Value of human relations (rather than just physical association)

and many more such things. Yet I have hope and hope many may also have hopes. I do as much as I can and hopefully find a no. of our young friends from Europe/ US/ India who wants to see a better world. I hope we will find some 'doers' rather than 'just complainers' to bring change for good!

With hope........

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  1. A great article there....

    I see the need of breaking stereotypes and changing perspectives and I am sure social media (blogging) can be a very good tool to achieve that

    Way to go :-)