Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are we different?

Today while I was walking in Malabar hills area (Mumbai, India) suddenly when I saw dog it struck me. With our mindless drive for achieving something or enjoying life we tend to get involved in things which are not worth following, despite knowing, so is there a difference between us and the animals (dogs)?

Animals (Dogs)
We all enjoy decent food
They also get to have nice meals
One of the prime needs
‘Well off’ dogs have it
Social life (friend group)
We have our friend circle
They also tend to be in groups
We find very few
Dogs are considered to be the best friend of human beings and the most faithful (some dog may take it as an offence if he/ she sees being compared to human beings)
Majority of us (city dwellers, European/ US peers etc) enjoy life with liquor, sex, few with food etc.
They don’t have access to liquor but do lot of sex and also enjoy food. Now a day they have special foods prepared.
Family life
Most of our peers in western countries/ large cities in Asia tend to get involved in short relations and move ahead. Many relations get developed over liquor overnight and having mutiple ‘associations’ is considered cool!! Having a family seems to be an unsustainable affair!
Well they don’t seem to have families. Females will have multiple partners, males will have multiple affairs. Females are left to bring up the children. If they would have a voice they would have also, may be, expressed it as cool! Some dog might say damn! Humans are catching us so fast….
Indians are a lazy set of guys. Our western peers beat Asians by mile. Some do so to stay in shape so that they could have great sex (well some set of guys and girls gave that answer).
Dogs keep on running so the healthier ones enjoy same things as humans with as many as they can manage.
Most of us get (but do we utilize it?). Now a day teachers are having pleasurable activities, around the globe, with students rather than giving them life’s lessons. Who to trust?
They don’t have it (at least formally).
Many in western nations and majority of Asian cities vehemently try to protect it (least realizing that for any activity, starting from birth to death, we are dependent on each other!!).
They are all for it. They try to protect it fierecly. They mark their regions and any violation of ‘personal space’ results in fights!

Having so many similarities are we different? Some say human beings posses superior intelligence. What is that intelligence? Why are we afraid to utilize our brains? Why do we take status quo as it is, even if deep inside we feel there is something amiss? May be you get to see lots of animals on the roads in our Asian cities people get to have some feedback about difference between a human being’s behavior and that of an animal (not so in the case of our western nations).

I wonder what would have today’s world been if the French revolution wouldn’t have happened, America’s great struggle wouldn’t have been there, India’s independence struggle wouldn’t have happened, China wouldn’t have fought for its freedom? If our ancestors wouldn’t have put their asses in the line of fire we would have still been centuries behind. If they would have said “damn why the hell should I care for what happens to the future generation, neighbours etc. Let me enjoy the life, girls/ guys. Why the hell should I go out of my comfort zone?” I dare not imagine where we would have been?? We have forgotten Joan of Arc, Madam Marie Curie, Bhagat Singh, Abraham Lincon etc.

May be things happened long long ago so our generation has forgotten ‘the duty’ and just remember ‘the rights’. Are we ‘the lost generation’?

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