Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maslov’s hierarchy of needs: Revisited in context of development of human beings

Many of my management friends will remember Maslov’s hierarchy of needs (He was an American pshycologist). I am reproducing it for reference.

As you can see that the needs/ development of human beings in the upward direction. In present day context if we see our cities around the globe including western nations we are stuck at the third level!! When a society is made of human beings then the societal development must be looked in the context of human beings. We are so much tuned to meet our Physiological and love/ belongingness needs that we are not able to think beyond! What has caused this stagnation?

This puts one big Q in our minds? Are countries like US/ France/ Germany/ UK etc. really worth being mentioned as developed nations! No doubt infrastructure exists, bit of security exists (or at least illusion of safety exits in light of recent recession), drinks and sex exists but are our western nations progressing up in the pyramid direction? In my view they are not. At a time when the noble positions of teachers are being misusedcan we say that the education in our western socities is good? 

Where are the Platos, Joan of Arcs, Socarates, Nostradamus, Newtons, Einstiens etc. of the present time ....... 

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