Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadership in the context of present environment: A reflection about the socities we live in

This is a very interesting topic. If we see around the globe we may realize that most of the leaders represent the kind of socities are prevailing in those countries.

Italy: Birthplace of Mafia. Still the tapered side of Italy is governed hugely by mafia inteference. The president is an epitome of societal turbulance. When I was having a discussion with Dr. Antonio Guezzati, who was a professor at University of Bocconi (Milan), now running a consulting firm based out of Washnigton DC he told that the bugger (the president) controls everything. How did it happen? He openly asks ambassadors to invite sexy girls. Even at the age of 72 when the country looks towards him for leading the nation he is involved in fulfilling his sensual needs? It reflects the kind of society our Italy may be. People involved in just fulfilling their sensual needs and not moving up in the need hierarchy of Maslov.

France: Well Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy are well known for all not so good things. Mrs. Sarkozy has flair of having affiars and feels ‘bored’ with just one personOn the other hand Mr. Sarkozy’s involvement with his minister is talk of the town along with having a possibility of his offspring from that minister. His other minister’s involvement with corruption cases and appointments of sex offender is well known. Some day it is the return of “bourgeois bohemian values. With just population of approx. 60 million why the President finds it very difficult to manage where countries like India and China find it not so tough? I had put a perspective to answer this question in my earlier writing. It also reflects the way relationships/ administration is done in our French society.

US: The present world super power. Barack has not been a native of US that’s why may be he brings variation and seen as a promising leader. Former President Mr. Bush reflected a similar perspective of US society as discussed above in context of Italy & France. An attitude of indifference towards existence of other nations. Creating Taliban and ISI which in turn has been problematic for US. Forex reserve of US is less than that of Italy which reflects overspending attitude of people which resulted in recession. As a saying goes “if you stretch beyong the length of the bedsheet you become ‘naked’” and so it happened in America. In view of many European acquiantances and friends now it is Europe’s turn.

India: Well the country of my birth. Corruption is everywhere. In Europe/ US the corruptions are at high levels but in India it is all pervading. One reason why corruption might not be at lower levels in many European nations can be attributed to social security features. Yet some countries like Italy still have the lower level corruption. In India the staff in the lower hierarchy are paid too low to survive properly so they resort to corruption. At the top level the situation is as good as in other countries. The best part is that everybody knows and despite complaining people live with it. This also reflects the societal problems India like country may have. We are fast catching up with the developmental model of western world without realizing whether that is development or not. Fortunately the Prime Minister is one of exceptions which exist so we have lots of hopes and dreams.

The question is why don’t we bring change in the society when it is evident that it is needed much more than before!! 

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